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Tunbridge wells shutters

Elegant wooden plantation shutters for homes in Royal Tunbridge Wells.


You don’t have to own a plantation to enjoy plantation shutters! Originally named during the colonisation of the US, shutters were installed in large houses on cotton plantations. They are thought to originate from 15th century Greece, where they were a practical solution to protect properties from the sun, wind and rain. Where rocks had once been used in window openings, shutters were developed in marble with fixed louvres to control light and air.


 The beautiful, modern and practical solution

Plantation shutters have come a long way since then, utilising modern durable materials and showcasing beautiful designs. Modern wooden plantation shutters have increased in popularity as they provide a long-lasting alternative to curtains and blinds, providing added benefits of insulation and protecting furniture from sunlight damage while being low maintenance.


Modern wooden window shutters are an investment for any home, but wooden plantation shutters provide a simple yet elegant solution to the age-old problems of controlling light, air circulation, privacy and security.


Custom styled to fit any window, small or large, you can now have beautifully styled plantation shutters for your home. Just Shutters offers excellent service to Royal Tunbridge Wells and your local shutter specialist, David Stansbury, can advise and show you a whole range of tailor-made options to choose from. Your shutters will be expertly fitted with minimum disruption and carry a lifetime guarantee.


Arrange a visit with David today for your plantation shutters in Kent and the lovely town of Royal Tunbridge Wells by calling 01892 575 858.


 Customer recommendations

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Manufacture and installation of shutters


“Excellent service. I would highly recommend this company.”

Customer in Tonbridge


 Installed window shutters
“As per request and quote, an excellent service, would use the company again.”
Customer of Just Shutters Tunbridge Wells


 Installation of house window shutters
“Fantastic shutters installed with care to my home. I would recommend.”
Customer in Tonbridge



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