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Shutters North Wales, Chester and The Wirral

Plantation Shutters North Wales  by Just Shutters. The North Wales, Chester and Wirral Division offers the finest shutters, second-to-none service and great value. Call Ken and Angela, your local shutter experts on 01352 872058 or book an appointment here.

With its rich heritage, unique charm and stunning architecture from across the ages, North Wales is a perfect region in which to live and work. Our local shutter experts Ken and Angela are a husband and wife team. They are approachable and friendly, getting rid of the corporate stuffiness to provide one-to-one interaction instead.




Plantation shutters, or ‘shutter blinds’ as they are commonly known, are a superior quality louvered (or solid) window covering that fits beautifully to the inside of your windows or doors. With our experience and an extensive collection of shapes and styles, we guarantee that we will create the best shutters for your home. Don’t forget, we also have our very own exclusive line!

What’s more, shutters are made to measure and fit any shape; So whether you need a covering for your lounge bay window, a perfect porthole, large conservatory – or even a 50ft atrium (yes we’ve done one of those); we have the desire to get it just right!


Shutters have always been seen as a luxury product, this is due to being seen in high-end design magazines, interior designer showrooms and boutique hotels. However, shutters actually provide excellent long-term value. Homeowners now realise that they are more affordable than they appear AND come with a myriad of value-added benefits.

It may feel like curtains or blinds offer a ‘value’ option, but after years of wear and tear nothing stands the test of time like beautiful plantation shutters. With our market-leading lifetime guarantee, year-after-year you can be confident in the quality of your shutters. Long after fabrics would bleach, or blinds could warp, shutters will be providing you with value and peace of mind. Furthermore, shutters add value to your home. As a fixture, shutters are sold with a home and not only can they add £ to your asking price, they also attract buyers, with estate agents saying ‘homebuyers just love the clean lines and bright feel of a room with shutters.’


Yes, we offer the widest range of style and finishing options in the UK. Not only this but we have our own unique and exclusive ranges: take a lot at our range of shutter styles here. The possibilities are endless; not only do we have a range of materials, we have many louvre size options, not to mention finishes, hinges, tilt rods… We can design the perfect shutters for you.

Take a lot through our photo galleries to get inspired about the countless types of stunning shutters you could have in your home.

WHY JUST SHUTTERS North Wales?north wales shutter experts

Just Shutters North Wales have an outstanding reputation. Ken and Angela are local people with a passion for shutters and building their business – there is no better way to do this than delighting our customers every time! To get more of an idea of our ranges, request one of our brochures or schedule a free design consultation in the comfort of your own home, or call us on 01352 872058.


At Just Shutters, customer service excellence is a priority. Therefore, we are thrilled to have been awarded a 9.9/10 rating on Checkatrade. This rating comes as a result of over 1800 independent reviews from our happy customers. Reviews such as:

“Just Shutters provide a very professional service from start to finish, the fitters arrived on time and did an excellent job, cleaned up and also put the furniture back.”

“Very efficient, so professional with great and pleasing result. Quickly done with little mess and interruption.”

“Punctual, so polite and helpful in every way. My new shutters have left me delighted.”

“The work was completed so quickly, professionally and they had great respect for my home. They left everything clean and tidy. Work installation overall excellent.”

“Professional, excellent overall customer service. So very clean. Attended to detail. Great product.”

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