Top 10 reasons for choosing shutters

Top 10 reasons for choosing shutters top 10 reasons for choosing shutters

765 of you were kind enough to take part in our shutter survey, the biggest of its kind! You let us know why you love shutters so much and the results are very interesting. It was extremely educational to see the array of reasons given for loving shutters and the marks out of 10 you gave our suggestions.

Beauty and style of shutters

While none of our suggested reasons scored below an 8/10 on the importance scale there was one clear winner! The number one reason for people loving shutters; their beauty and style!

This was closely followed by; peace of mind with our lifetime guarantee and the fact shutters do not go out of style, scoring 9.6/10 on the importance scale.

Durability and the fact shutters are long lasting, ease of use and a feeling of security were next on the list of the top 10 reasons for choosing shutters! In fact, none of our top 10 scored less than a 9/10 on the importance scale, with; privacy, child safety, ease of maintenance and light and shade control, all scoring 9 and above.


The top 10 reasons for choosing shutters – as voted by you

Here is the full top 10 reasons for choosing shutters as voted by you! Followed by the next best reasons which include; energy efficiency, adding value to your home, allergen reduction and sound insulation/reduced noise pollution.

Reason for choosing shutters

Mark out of 10

Beauty and style


Peace of mind with lifetime guarantee


Do not go out of style


Durability and long lasting


Ease of use


A feeling of security




Child safety


Easy to maintain & no laundering etc


Light and shade control


Added energy efficiency of the home


Adding value to the home


Allergen reducing


Reduced noise pollution


The feedback was fantastic and so many more reasons for loving shutters were suggested, including these lovely comments direct from you;

  • My windows look cleaner
  • So easily and neatly installed
  • The house looks impressive with shutters
  • Shutters saves on buying curtains/replacements
  • They look so nice (is that beauty and style?) – yes it is but we don’t mind
  • Their so practical and easy to live with
  • They can be fitted to any shaped windows
  • Fitted anywhere not just windows – I have them on my wardrobe doors

So, there we have it, a Just Shutters survey that conclusively shows the main reason people love shutters is the way they look. However, this is very closely followed by a myriad of wonderful practical benefits of the shutters we know and love.

So, what are your reasons for loving shutters? If you are still wondering if they are right for your home? Take 765 people’s word for it – they are a beautiful, practical solution you will simply love living with!

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