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Bathroom Shutters

Bathroom shutters

Choose bathroom shutters from Just Shutters for the finest choice, value, and service. Fabrics and untreated woods can mildew, mould and warp in humid environments such as bathrooms. Therefore, shutters are the perfect alternatives. This is as a result of their incredibly practicality and suitability to humidity. Shutters; wipe clean, are durable and hard wearing and are the bathroom window covering solution.




Shutters make the perfect addition to any room, but bathrooms, in particular, can be quite difficult to find the perfect window covering. Often curtains would over hang a sink or lavatory, whilst thin wooden blinds can warp in a humid environment. See our page on shutter materials to learn more about this.

Why choose shutters for your bathroom?

Plantation shutters are the perfect solution for bathrooms. Not only do they look stylish and add ambiance to your room, they’re extremely practical, hard-wearing and superbly easy to keep clean.

The humid atmosphere in a bathroom can cause a range of problems for regular window coverings. Curtains and non-treated blinds can mildew and age very quickly.

Bathroom shutters, on the other hand, are low maintenance, wipe clean, durable and built to last in this environment. As a result, all our plantation shutters come with a lifetime guarantee – now you wouldn’t get that from your curtains!

There are many other benefits of our shutters, for example:

-Light/ambiance control. If you want light flooding in, simply throw open the shutters, which fold back to less than the width of a curtain.

-Added privacy. If you desire more privacy, simply partially or fully close your louvers.

-Bathroom Shutters are made to measure. Therefore, whatever the shape of your window we can ensure a perfect finish! Just look at the wonderful triangular and arched window installations we have done above!

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