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The finest window shutters Midhurst and Petworth have to offer, from your local shutter expert Heath Fraser (pictured left). Just Shutters are delighted to offer the UK’s broadest range of quality bespoke shutters. What’s more, our shutters come with a lifetime guarantee! So you can be assured of our value and quality for years to come. Call us on 01903 259758 for further information.

Styling the windows of designer boutiques, and donning the pages of lifestyle magazines, shutters are fast becoming the number one window covering of choice among the more discerning customer. As more and more people become aware of shutters, both for their style and practical benefits, and with prices of shutters putting them within reach of a wider market, we have seen large year on year growth, and when you look more deeply at the benefits of shutters, it is easy to see why they are such a popular choice.

JUST SHUTTERS Midhurst and Petworth

Our Shutters’ Benefits

Aside from their striking good looks and bespoke nature making them perfect for any decor, shutters are:

– Low maintenance
– Can help control the lighting – from full light to almost blackout
– Allergen reducing
– Add value to your home
– Add privacy and security
– Noise reducing
– Do not warp, bleach or split with sun exposure
– Fit any window or door, from triangular to porthole!
– Can be colour matched and come in a range of styles to suit any home
– Cordless so child safe!
– Shutters can last a lifetime – ours come with a lifetime guarantee

While shutters offer many lifestyle-friendly benefits, we often find the main reason people love shutters is their undeniable good looks, they open and brighten any room and make the most of light and space.

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Just Shutters Midhurst and Petworth

Just Shutters – the first choice for window shutters Midhurst and Petworth

Just Shutters are Midhurst and Pentworth’s premier plantation shutter company, and whatever home you live in, Just Shutters have the right option to match and years of experience to ensure your home is treated like a castle. Having designed and installed our beautiful shutters in over 8000 homes – from the ancient to the modern-day – we have the experience and attention to detail to ensure we demonstrate the utmost respect for each and every property.

When mulling over what type of shutters to buy, we can guide you through the best choices and offer you the expert advice you need while listening to your preferences. Our service proceeds us and with over 8000 happy customers, we believe that your satisfaction is the key to our future business.


What our clients say

Shutters were ordered before x-mas and fitting was completed in January.

“Brilliant service from start to finish, Terry was a pleasure to work with, polite friendly and excellent finished product as a result , happy customer.”


Shutters fitted.

“SO excellent. Additionally we were so impressed by the conscientiousness of the individual installers, two young people of impeccable ability.”


Install shutters

“Very good nice people and so tidy, efficient, professional. The one thing was I never saw the email. Communication needs to be better. Perfect job.”

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