Bay Window Shutters

Bay shutters
Bay Window Shutters

The Charm of Bay Window Shutters

Are there any windows more fabulous than bay windows? Is there any better way to dress them than with our stunning bay window shutters? We don’t think so!

Bay windows are fantastic for creating a sense of space and maximising natural light. And shutters are the perfect way to make any bay window even more beautiful. Popularised by the Victorians and Edwardians, they remain a feature in many new build homes today.

At Just Shutters, we offer a variety of shutter blinds to suit any bay window, regardless of shape or size. Whether you have a curved, angled, or box bay, our team of shutter experts can design and install the perfect shutters for your bay window.

White Bay Window Shutters

The History of Bay Windows

Bay windows have a rich and varied history, evolving through the ages and across different architectural styles. Characterised by their protruding form that extends beyond the exterior wall of a building, bay windows have been used to enhance both the aesthetic and functional aspects of homes for centuries.

The earliest forms of bay windows can be traced back to the Gothic architecture of the medieval period, particularly in Europe. These early bay windows were used to add light and space to rooms, as well as to provide a vantage point from which to view the surroundings.

During the Renaissance and Tudor periods, bay windows became a prominent feature in domestic architecture. In England, the influence of these styles saw bay windows incorporated into the design of manor houses and cottages.

The Victorian and Edwardian eras marked a significant period of popularity for bay windows. As urbanisation and the Industrial Revolution transformed cities, architects embraced bay windows as a key design element in terraced houses and suburban villas. These windows not only provided additional light and space but also allowed homeowners to display their wealth and taste.

In contemporary architecture, bay windows continue to be a popular feature, appreciated for their ability to enhance interior spaces and create a connection with the outdoors.

Smart White Bay Window Shutters in Lounge

The Benefits of Bay Window Shutters

Plantation shutters – or wooden shutters as they are commonly called – are the practical and stylish solution for any bay window. Not only do they add privacy to a room while allowing ambient light in, but they also offer a range of added benefits. Here are just some of the many reasons to love bay window shutters!

  • Shutters are practical. Put simply, no curtain or other bay window blind is as maintenance-free as a plantation shutter.
  • They add privacy. No other window dressing allows light in while shielding your interior from view in quite the same way. Forget ghastly net curtains, shutters are the solution!
  • Shutters are super stylish. Shutters are a beautiful addition to any bay window, enhancing the window’s natural features.
  • Security concerns? Plantation shutters add security by shielding your items from view. Many bay windows are vulnerable to intruders, as such a big space (especially single-glazed Victorian and sash windows) can be a point of entry. Adding plantation shutters also gives an additional barrier to intruders.
  • Value and piece of mind. Our shutters come with a lifetime guarantee.
  • Unlike curtains, shutters are allergen-free and don’t attract the dust, dirt and mould or mildew that other window dressings can.

Just Shutters are your local window shutter experts. We would love to show you how we have worked to gain our unrivalled reputation and why we have over 8000 happy customers! Please call us on 0345 894 0700 to book a free design visit today.

Window Shutters for bays

Bay Window Shutter Ideas

At Just Shutters, we believe in celebrating the elegance and timeless appeal of bay windows. Solid shutters or full-height shutters enhance this grandeur, fitting seamlessly into your bay windows as if they were always meant to be there. Many homeowners also choose tier-on-tier shutters for their flexibility, allowing you to balance light and privacy during the day.

Whether your home is a charming Victorian terrace or a sleek modern build, if you’re aiming to enhance your bay window with stylish new plantation shutters, Just Shutters offers a wide variety of styles to suit your unique taste.

Depending on your preference for natural light and privacy, you can choose from full-height, tier-on-tier, or café style shutters. Our popular bay window shutter colours include elegant grey and classic white, as well as heritage oak wood effects for a timeless, period look.

Solid Panel Shutters for Bay Windows

Solid panel shutters evoke a traditional charm reminiscent of late Victorian and Edwardian terraced houses with their rustic window shutters, or the picturesque shutters seen across the Mediterranean. These shutters are also an excellent choice for bedrooms, offering superb blackout capabilities.

Full Height and Tier-On-Tier Shutters for Bay Windows

Full-height and tier-on-tier shutters provide that classic plantation look, with fully adjustable light and privacy control. Tier-on-tier shutters offer greater flexibility but have a divided slatted area, while full-height shutters present a cleaner, more streamlined appearance. The choice between practicality and aesthetic precision is yours to make.

Café-Style Shutters for Bay Windows

Café-style shutters, though less common, are ideal for areas where privacy is not a major concern but maximizing natural light is. They are perfect for dining rooms and kitchens, creating a bright and airy atmosphere, especially during breakfast.

From pristine white wooden plantation shutters to bold red bay window shutters, and authentic wooden bay window plantation shutters, we have the ideal custom solution to complement your home.

Bay Window Shutters Lounge

Bay Window Shutter Installation Near Me

Here at Just Shutters, we have shutter experts across the UK, each of whom is dedicated to providing a personalised service and expert advice to help you find the perfect shutters for your bay windows. Our shutter experts can provide a free design visit whether they will detail all the options available and complete a full measure of the required windows before returning to install your new bay window shutters. Find your local bay window shutter installer at Just Shutters today.

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