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Hello, Cheshire! Step into a realm of Plantation Shutters, where style meets substance and elegance intertwines with versatility. Brought to you by Duane Butterfield, your local Just Shutters Cheshire expert.

At Just Shutters, we don’t just dress your windows; we elevate them with our stylish but practical shutters.

Our window shutters are more than mere window coverings; they’re a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality, service, and value, crowned with the assurance of our industry-leading lifetime guarantee.

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Transforming Homes

At Just Shutters, we take pride in celebrating the unique character of each customer’s home. We apply our expert design skills to ensure that our exquisite internal plantation shutters seamlessly harmonize with any property, whether it’s a countryside cottage or a chic urban pad. We are the connoisseurs who can guide you to discover the perfect shutters for your home.

Our confidence in providing the ideal solution springs from our unwavering dedication to shutters. Shutters aren’t just a facet of our business; they are our business – our passion, our expertise, and our source of pride. This unwavering focus makes us unmatched leaders in our field. From grand 50-foot glass atriums to quaint porthole windows, we’ve designed and installed shutters in thousands of homes, establishing ourselves as the quintessential shutter specialists.

Plantation shutters, also known as shutter blinds or plantation blinds, have risen to prominence as the favoured window dressing of choice, capturing the hearts of homeowners and interior designers alike due to their timeless elegance and versatility.

However, Just Shutters brings more than just visual appeal to the table. Our shutters offer an array of practical benefits. With shutters, you can easily regulate the amount of light entering a room, achieving the perfect balance of privacy and illumination. Additionally, they act as a barrier against heat and cold, keeping your home comfortable and reducing energy bills year-round.

Just Shutters Cheshire

Shutter Specialists

Just Shutters are highly respected and cherished shutter specialists. We originated as a family business in Dorset in 2006 and have since expanded our presence to cover many areas of the UK. We have become synonymous with excellence in plantation shutters, renowned for our exceptional quality, service, and unwavering dedication to exceeding our customer’s expectations.


What our clients say

Fitting of plantation shutters

“Very pleased with all aspects of using this company, would certainly have no hesitation in recommending them, quality shutters, fair price and superb installation.”


Installation of plantation shutters

“Excellent service – a perfect job, very well done.”


Fantastic – beautiful shutters

“Brilliant service, beautiful shutters.”


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