Coastal Range Shutters

haze image


Salty kisses on cool misty evenings.
jurassic coastal


A momentary pause as we journey through time.


Sail away on a sea of possibilities.


The dawn breaks and gifts another day.
tranquiility coastal


Let your thoughts sail away into the blue.
Dune scenery


The warm summer sand between your toes.


Taking a moment to reflect upon your dreams.
Golden Dusk with Boats

Golden Dusk

The evenings in which memories are made.
Just Shutters

Coastal range shutters

Just Shutters presents a truly unique collection of eight stunning colours inspired by the British coast. Our exclusive Coastal Range transports you into the heart of holiday memories. The salty sea spray, the tingle of sandy toes, and the cool summer evening breeze. We have captured the essence of these feelings in our exclusive Coastal colour pallet.

What’s more, the colours have been carefully toned to ensure the longevity of style in your home. We have created a range that encapsulates the timeless beauty of the coast. Couple these colours with our most
contemporary, large louvered shutters with hidden tilt rods, and the impact is undeniable.

Made from sustainable, certified, premium hardwood, our Coastal shutters sing quality in every way. Unbeatable for their durability, they are as practical as they are beautiful. Shutters in our Coastal range are protected by our Just Shutters market-leading LIFETIME guarantee.

Luxurious and chic, shutters in our coastal range are made for those who have an eye for design. They show a passion for interiors and a brave desire to to be bold in their choices, without being brash! Create a symphony of style in your home and let your windows (and doors) sing of the seaside, with Just Shutters exclusive Coastal Range.


  • Aesthetically beautiful painted finishes inspired by coastal elements.
  • Our Coastal range is ideal for today’s trend towards natural textures and
    relaxed washed interiors.
  • It is made from natural painted premium, sustainable hardwood.
  • Coastal is available in 89mm and 114mm louvre sizes.
  • Available in 8 exclusive painted colours inspired by the elements.
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