Do you know where the timber for your plantation shutters comes from?

Back 27th March 2024

Our Commitment to Ethical Sourcing and Environmental Responsibility

In an age prioritising transparency and ethical business practices, Just Shutters takes a leading role in promoting responsible sourcing and sustainability. We emphasize the importance of informed decisions about the origins of products integrated into homes.

Recent global developments have cast a spotlight on the urgent need for accountability in sourcing practices regarding timber products. Reports have increasingly indicated that some plantation shutters available in the market may be manufactured using timber sourced from uncertified sources, including potentially illicitly logged woods from regions like Russia. Such practices raise significant ethical concerns and contribute to environmental degradation and, in some cases, the funding of conflicts.

Just Shutters assures customers that we oppose such practices. Our engineered timber shutters are exclusively manufactured from certified, responsible suppliers in New Zealand and Australia. Choosing Just Shutters means opting for quality, durability, and a commitment to peace, sustainability, and ethical responsibility.

We proudly confirm that our products do not fund conflicts or wars, including the situation in Ukraine. Our dedication to ethical sourcing and environmental stewardship ensures alignment with conservation, sustainability, and peace values.

Just Shutters invites customers and the public to join us in this commitment to ethical sourcing and environmental responsibility. Together, we can make informed choices that reflect shared values and contribute to a better, more sustainable world.

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