Dorset’s Longest Established Shutter Company

Dorset’s longest established shutter specialists

Just Shutters are Dorset’s longest established shutter specialists. But what does this really mean? Obviously it means we have the ingredients that make a good business; Great quality, great service and great value for money. However, in all these areas, we go one step further…

Great quality

We work with the number one shutter factory in the world. No-one knows shutters like the team of experts you will encounter on every step of your journey with us. Expert designers, craftsmen creators and world-class fitters.

We have designed and fitted over 16,000 sets of shutters and enhanced light and space in the tiniest of rooms, and fitted windows so grand they have taken our breath away. We even created a masterpiece of shutters in a 50ft atrium! And each set is as unique and individual as the customer themselves. Hand designed by people who care.

The quality of our shutters comes not only from their ingredients; the finest sustainable woods from the finest factory, but in the details and in our people. We have our own unique style and eye for doing things that customers truly love. That X-factor, the ‘je ne sais quoi’ that you just can’t put your finger on. The thing that makes Jamie Oliver’s dishes always taste that little bit better.

Great service

From day one we built Just Shutters on customer satisfaction. We always endeavoured to create special relationships that would go the extra mile to delight. This is in the big things such as our lifetime guarantee and the way we train our staff to truly be the experts you can trust. However, it is also in the smaller things, such as; taking our shoes off when entering your home, our printed booklets explaining your shutter journey, our vans always being clean, vacuuming your room after we have fitted. Just those extras that really show we care.

Great value for money

Our brand has never been promoted on price. We haven’t ever shouted that we ‘beat prices’, instead, it is all about the value we provide for your money. How much we can enhance your home and your life. That is not to say we are not reasonably priced, in fact we beat most of our competitors hands down in this area. However, along with a reasonable price tag, our shutters provide far more for your money.

The passion we give shows in every set of stunning shutters that is hand designed by expert craftspeople. Your tastes, how you live in the room, your decor, style and ambience… We know that with our lifetime guarantee you will be living with your shutters for many years to come, for us it is not about giving you something you can live with, it is about giving you something you fall in love with.

So, if you are considering shutters for your home or business, please let us show you that not all shutters are equal, and not all shutter companies are the same. Let us show you what it really means to be Dorset’s longest established shutter specialists…

Call us on 01202 240769 to see what we can do for you.