Energy efficient blinds and shutters, a review

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Energy efficient blinds and shutters, a review of window dressingsEnergy efficient blinds and shutters

Everyone wants to maximise energy efficiency in their homes. Not only for the benefit of comfort but also for cost savings and of course the environment! Most homes these days are well insulated with lofts and walls being a huge priority for many. However, it may surprise you to know that a great deal of the heat loss from your home is through the windows. EVEN when you have double glazing. So add energy efficient blinds and shutters to your home and save £.


When you’re discussing how efficient a material is at keeping a property insulated, you always refer to the U-value. You might think that a higher U-value would be better, but actually a lower U-value means that material is better at insulating. To illustrate, compare a brick wall with a U-value of 2.0 W/mwith a double glazed window with a U-value of 2.9. As you can see, the higher U-value means that double glazing is less efficient at insulating a property. Therefore, it’s important to invest in good quality window dressings, like a versatile set of shutters.

Blinds and Shutters That Save Energy

The Glasgow Caledonian University conducted research that demonstrated the incredible energy-efficient benefits of blinds. The research also showed that shutters emerge as a clear and decisive winner. For this particular study, a single-glazed sash window was used. This window was equipped with draught-proofing and after extensive testing, the following was discovered:

– The U-Value of the single glazed unit was 4.3W/m2K before the window dressing was added.

– A reduction in heat loss of 28% was observed after installing a Victorian roller blind.

– A reduction of 22% was noted with the addition of a roller blind.

– A reduction of just 14% was observed when curtains were added.

– The results jumped to a whopping 51%, however, when shutters were added.

– In fact, the window that was being tested jumped to an impressive U-Value of 4.3 W/m²K to 2.2 W/m²K following the installation.

Double glazing and energy efficient shutters

As we have said, double glazing has a U-Value of 2.9. So you may wonder if shutters will have such an impact on these already more efficient windows, as opposed to the single glazed sash as tested by the GCU above. Well yes, according to the British Blind and Shutter Association (BBSA) this is the case. Add a good quality blind to your double glazing and the U-Value will become 2.1. This is a 30% improvement overall, add a shutter however and this can become 1.9 or even 1.8!

Recommended by the department of energy, science, technology and innovation states ‘window shutters—both interior and exterior—can help reduce heat gain and loss in your home.’ And while this review has focussed mainly on heat loss, it is true, the properties of shutters help reduce heat gain in the summer! Filtering the sun and reducing the need for air conditioning and fans. Additionally contributing to energy efficiency. You can even open windows behind the shutters remaining both private and cool.

Cost savings of energy efficient window dressings

10% – 25% of your energy is lost through your windows. Properly insulating them can mean a saving of £110 – £290 per year on your household energy bills. Opting for energy efficient and stunningly beautiful high quality Plantation Shutters can reap money saving and environmental rewards. Furthermore, with a lifetime guarantee from Just Shutters you can be safe in the knowledge your shutters will be looking after you and the planet for many years to come.

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