Faux Wood Window Shutters

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Faux Wood Window Shutters

example-of-faux-wood-window-shutters-in-bathroomFaux wood window shutters by Just Shutters are a perfect way of incorporating luxury and style into areas of your home in a practical way.

The terms ‘faux wood window shutters’ refers to shutters made from materials that are not entirely real hard wood. There are several types of this, such as:

-MDF (medium density fibreboard)

-Coated timber cores (wood shutters coated with a synthetic water resistant surface)

Benefits and uses

As with any shutters, faux wood shutters will bring many benefits into your home. Benefits such as:

-Shutters are entirely child safe. Therefore, they are perfect for a family home!

-Privacy and security levels of your home will be improved by installing shutters.

-Cost efficiency. Shutters will add an additional layer of insulation to your windows. As a result, your home is warmer with lower utility bills.

Furthermore, the practicality of faux wood outweighs that of hard wood in certain circumstances. For example, the build up of condensation and moisture in a bathroom runs the risk of damaging some real wood shutters. Our PermaWood range is coated with a water resistant resin and is therefore a great option for bathrooms. In addition, the same principle can be applied to kitchens were steam and condensation may occur.

Moreover, faux wood shutters are simply as stunning as any other material! Our CraftWood range is our most popular choice, and it is not hard to see why. Built from a durable MDF and available in a range of finishes, CraftWood delights every time!

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