Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much will my shutters cost?
    • Our shutters start at £310 per square meter fully installed with a lifetime guarantee. You can price individual windows through our <href=”http:”” uk=”” price-form.php?=”” id=”9″”>on-line price calculator. We have always had a policy of being open and honest about providing fully inclusive costs. Over the years this has proved invaluable.</href=”http:>Whilst it does mean we cannot do 50% off discounts, (although 50% off is a difficult calculation when other companies do not publish prices), we are highly competitive at all times.Please note that we do offer a paint matching service for an additional cost. We also do arches and special shapes, costs are similar to above plus a templating and setup cost.
  • What is the difference between your product and those of your competitors?
    • Plantation Shutters are a precision product and they need a meticulous approach, our experience is second to none and our pride and passion for shutters is a rare commodity. Other companies have different products from our own and while some companies offer similar, many are lower quality which is often reflected in their prices.When companies use similar products we believe we stand head and shoulders above them with our craftsmanship, attention to detail, skill and specialised service. Imagine having two baskets of food, the ingredients the same, only you can choose to have a meal made by Joe Bloggs, or by Gordon Ramsey, which would you choose? Even when the ingredients are the same or similar, the mastery of the chef will take the experience from good to great!It is therefore our service, product, passion and expertise that set us well apart from the rest. 

      The questions you should ask the competition are as follows:


      • What experience of Plantation Shutters do they have?
      • Are they dedicated to Plantation Shutters or are they just one of a number of products on offer?
      • Are all the joints mortice and tenon, not pencil dowels which can work loose?
      • Is fitting in-house or sub-contracted out?
      • How long have they been established?
      • Are all fixing screws hidden?
      • Are the panels rebated?
      • Do they have a wide array of frame options?
      • Do they offer a comprehensive lifetime warranty?

      You must also bear in mind that no matter how good the product, if it is fitted poorly you will not achieve the desired look.

  • Can interior shutters improve home security?
    • Just Shutters louvred shutters can help improve the security of your home. When they are across a window they make it difficult or impossible for people to see into your home. This will reduce the temptation that will arise from our high tech or sentimental items that we have on display.However, please note that as with all wooden products, our shutters will not withstand a concerted effort to smash them.
  • Can interior shutters improve privacy?
    • Just Shutters louvred shutters will help enormously to improve the privacy of your home. When they are across a window they make it difficult or impossible for people to see in, depending upon the angle of the louvers. Also depending upon the angle of the louvers it is still easy to look out without being seen.
  • Will plantation shutters make my rooms dark?
    • The overwhelming response from customers and ourselves is no. The beautiful satin finish helps reflect a lovely soft light into the room often lighting up the ceiling above with a soft ambient light.

      Shutters offer light flexibility like no other window covering

      Plantation Shutters in the darker colours and with smaller louvres will not bring as much light in as larger louvres and lighter colours, this effect is similar to light bright curtains against heavier drapes.




  • How long will it take to have my shutters delivered?
    • The lead-time is 8 to 9 weeks from the date of order confirmation / receipt of deposit.
  • Can the time between order and delivery be speeded up?
    • Our shutters are made in our dedicated, purpose built factory in China within 2 or 3 days of order, however they have to be shipped back to the UK and it is this that takes the time.

      What if I need my shutters sooner?

      Shutters can be sent by airfreight if necessary, which considerably cuts down the lead-time, the price is £120 per sqm inclusive of VAT. Our standard service where your shutters would be shipped back in a dedicated container is tried, tested and very successful, well worth the short wait.


  • Can your shutters blackout a bedroom?
    • Shutters are not blackout due to tolerances required for slat movement and the opening and closing of panels unless fitted with our additional blackout blinds option.Due to the advanced technology of our shutters (i.e. rebated side style and clever frame options) our panels keep more light out when closed than most others on the market. We have successfully fitted many bedrooms and nurseries. We feel that shutters will stop approximately 90% of light intrusion.How dark a bedroom should be is very much down to the individual. Over the years we have met customers who block up the keyhole in hotel bedrooms, other will be happy with a light voile. If you are very sensitive to light intrusion or work shifts then the additional investment in blackout blinds fitted behind the panels will provide total peace of mind.
  • Can shutters be fitted onto UPVC windows?
    • Yes shutters can be installed when customers have UPVC windows, without causing future warranty issues. With our many years of knowledge and experience Just Shutters can create the perfect solution whatever your window type.
  • What are your payment terms?
    • Terms – For SUPPLY, MEASURE AND INSTALLATION SERVICE – 50% of the order value is payable before the order is put through, and the balance is due on the day of installation.
  • How do I measure my window?
    • Let us measure your windows for you

    • Please refer to the How to Measure section of our website. Mail Order shutters require very accurate measurements in order to be installed properly. We therefore recommend that you call us so that one of our experienced team can talk you through your order. All orders once placed are not changeable.
  • How do I place an order?
    • Our ordering process could not be simpler, you can decide to buy on the day our Designer Surveyor visits your home and place the order with them, alternatively take your time to make a decision and call one of our lovely people in the office on 0845 894 0700.Please call us on the above number or use the buttons in the top right hand side of this page to book your appointment.
  • Do you offer a measure and installation service?
    • Yes, we pride ourselves on our knowledgeable and experienced in-house survey and fitting team. Normally, our measuring service is free of charge, although there may be exceptions for very small or remote enquiries, for obvious reasons. We like to discuss the nature of an enquiry prior to a site visit. We will only fit shutters where we have carried out a survey prior to order.

      Our shutter fitters are world leading

      In essence, we do everything for you from start to finish – all you will have to do is choose the style and colour of your shutters from the stunning selection of samples our Designer Surveyor brings to your home.

  • What can I do if my window is too wide to support the weight of the shutters?
    • If your windows are particularly wide, a track system can be installed along which the shutters run, this track system supports the weight of the shutters. See picture of full height shutters under ‘Shutter Styles’ for an example of a track system.
  • What is LindenWood?
    • Premium Grade A North American LindenWood is an exceptional and renewable natural wood chosen for its stability, its uniform colouring and proven resistance to warping.See our product menu above to explore LindenWood and any other materials further.
  • How are CraftWood (MDF) shutters made and are there any limitations when using Craftwood?
    • CraftWood (MDF) shutters are made of Medium Density Fibreboard, and coated using a first-class, innovative manufacturing process and the world’s most advanced (patented) coating technology developed in the US.This unique combination of materials make our MDF shutters durable and sturdy, resistant to chipping, cracking, fading and warping. Whilst our CraftWood range is our entry level product it is simply perfect for many straight forward installations and a true world beating product.

      As a real additional benefit they come with our unique lifetime guarantee.


      CraftWood is a little heavier than our other products and can therefore be unsuitable for some situations and is only available in a limited range of colours. Please see our product menu above for all materials and finishes information.

  • Can I have my shutters painted in a colour of my choice and can they be resprayed if I choose to change the colour?
    • Just Shutters can finish selected ranges to match any Dulux or Farrow and Ball paint finish. There is a 15% to 20% surcharge, depending on the product. Other paint manufacturer’s colours can be matched also to suit your decor perfectly, the pricing of which can be calculated on a case by case basis.Shutters can be re-painted but it is an expensive process, and can only be done on hardwood shutters, not on CraftWood (MDF). Please ask for further information.
  • How do I clean my shutters?

Shutters are the perfect product to maintain

    1. The magic ingredient is a feather duster, it must be natural feathers and not synthetic for the best dust removal.
    2. Dust the panels with the said feather duster, or with a clean soft cloth.
    3. For light cleaning use a slightly damp soft cloth (water only).
    4. For heavy cleaning (grease marks etc) wipe the panels with a damp cloth and a mild non abrasive soap.
    5. Do not use any lemon oils, furniture polish or Old English moisturising polish.
  • How do I order samples?
    • Please call us on 01202 240769 or email to order a sample colour. Sample panels can be sent out at a cost of £25 including postage, which is refundable on order.
  • What should I do if I have any queries?
    • If you have any queries, please contact Just Shutters on 0845 894 0700. You can also follow the buttons in the top right of the page to send us a message, book an appointment or calculate a price.
  • Do the pins between the tilt rod and the slat fall out?
    • No, the pins should NOT fall out unless subject to misuse.
  • How long will my shutters last and what is my warranty?
    • Shutters last and last, some of their finest selling points are longevity and ease of maintenance.We really feel that your shutters will stand the test of time, not just in terms of quality but just as important in terms of style. Whilst over the years louvre sizes have grown and panel sizes have widened the beautiful home enhancing style of our plantation Shutters will look stunning now and for many many years to come.Just Shutters offer a unique lifetime warranty, please see the Warranty section of our website for more details.
  • What are plantation shutters and why should I choose Just Shutters?
    • Plantation Shutters are the beautiful, practical and stylish window covering designed to fit on the inside of windows and doors, they are superb for all rooms in both domestic and commercial environments.

      Benefits of shutters include:

      • great style
      • added privacy
      • enhanced security
      • reduction in heat loss
      • reduced noise and drafts

      Our shutters are precision designed and manufactured from only the highest quality materials. We keep our customers informed at every step of the process of ordering shutters and value your feedback both before, during and after installation.

      Just Shutters have an enviable reputation for the highest quality of customer service; we recognise that you are trusting us with an important addition to your home and pride ourselves on the fact that we treat every house like a home, not a building site.  


      Customers love working with Just Shutters, we have the depth of knowledge and passion that make a real difference.


  • What material should my shutters be made from?
    • Whilst there are many materials available and used in the manufacture of plantation shutters, each installation, along with the style and colour choices made, will dictate the correct product. It is often the case that CraftWood will be the perfect product; and that paying a premium for solid timber is not only unnecessary, it can in fact be the wrong choice long term. Just talk to our Designers. Their many years of experience will help guide you through the process, probably save you money and ensure your shutters really stand the test of time.
  • Are shutters suitable for bathrooms and wet rooms?
    • Yes, our shutters can be both practical and stylish in a bathroom. The situation will dictate the product. In a wet-room, close to a bath or in a steamy environment then our PermaWood shutters are the perfect solution.Where you have a large bathroom that is well looked after and ventilated, then other products may well be highly suitable. The answer as to which will suit your environment best will come when our experts visit you. Call us now on 0845 894 0700.
  • Are shutters suitable for conservatories and shaped roofs?
    • Shutters are perfect for conservatories and shaped roofs. Our PearlWood shutters which are dynamically very stable to cope with very high temperatures, coupled with their lighter weight; makes this product a winner in these situations. Sometimes we will use one material for the sides to give strength in a busy household and PearlWood on the roof to give a weight saving. Let us look at the situation and we will be happy to advise you. Furthermore we can arrange an appointment with our Designer Surveyor today on 0845 894 0700.