Interior & Exterior Security Shutters

Elevate Your Home’s Security and Aesthetics with Just Shutters’ Security Shutters

interior-secuirty-shutter-with-lockAre you in search of shutters that don’t just promise top-notch security but also enhance your home’s aesthetic appeal? Look no further than our security shutters, designed to meet the latest building regulations and exceed your expectations.

Why Choose Our Security Shutters?

Our security shutters offer an elegant solution, steering away from the industrial look of traditional security grills, bars, or roller shutters. They provide robust protection while adding a touch of style to your home.

The Just Shutters Difference

  • Material Excellence:  Our security shutters are crafted from durable, rust-free aluminium, ensuring longevity and strength unlike traditional shutters made from wood or coated MDF,
  • Innovative Locking System: Featuring a patented key lock mechanism, our shutters offer the security of burglar bars or steel rollers without compromising the beauty and openness of your space.

Opt for Just Shutters’ security shutters to secure your home without sacrificing style.

Benefits of Security Shutters

Our line possesses a truly extensive array of benefits. These range from the main security benefits to the practical and aesthetic points one would expect of a Just Shutters product. Benefits such as:

security-shutters-in-lounge-Stylishly Secure: these interior security shutters combine strength with elegance!

-Durability: Our range is inspired by the security needs of homes in South Africa. Therefore, they’re designed to be the most durable and strong shutters available on the market

-Peace of mind: The patented lock system means that you can rest assured your home is safe

-Privacy: Keep prying eyes out of your home whilst also keeping your home’s curb appeal

-Ambiance: Control the level of light that comes into your home. As a result, you can create the perfect ambience for any occasion

Security Shutters Adhere To New Building Regulations

New Building Regulations state that new build houses need to have some form of security to allow people to safely have windows open - this applies to ground floor bedrooms and easily accessible rooms, for example, a first-floor room with a nearby element that could be used to gain access to the first-floor window.
Refer to - Building Regs -  Part O - Security clause, page 12.

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