Introducing our new line of Interior Security Shutters

Back 15th February 2019

Fortitude – the new line of Security Shutters

security-shutters-installed-in-modern-homeOur new range of interior security shutters, Fortitude, is finally here! The highly anticipated range is truly unique. Boasting the highest security standards on the market, coupled with the stunning look one would expect of a Just Shutters product.

Therefore, the Fortitude range is perfect for anyone seeking to protect their home whilst avoiding the associated industrial look.

Traditional Shutters vs Security Shutters

The Fortitude range is one of our most unique products lines to date! This is as a result of the durable aluminium material they are made from. This ensures that the shutters are much stronger than our traditional products that are made from wood or high quality MDF.

Furthermore, the Fortitude range is defined by one key feature – a lock and key! Therefore, you can rest assured that your home is safe with this high level of intruder resistance.

The benefits of Security Shutters

As with the rest of our product range, Fortitude boasts many benefits! Aside from their uniquely stunning look, the shutters are incredibly practical due to several features. Practical features such as:

interior-secuirty-shutter-with-lock-Combining style and security: Fortitude is truly unique in that it ensures your home is safe whilst retaining a stylish appearance.

-The ability to lock: A patented lock and key mechanism allows you to lock the louvres shut or keep them open.

-Ambience control: As with all shutters, the ambience of any occasion can be altered by differentiating the light levels coming into your home.

-Finishing options: The Fortitude range is available in 3 standard finishes. Furthermore, there is scope for custom finishing options.

-Durable: Resistance to day to day wear and tear is an incredibly useful perk. Therefore, the Fortitude range is perfect for a busy family home. Furthermore, the coat on the aluminium ensures there is no colour fading!

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