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Our range of louvre shutters sizes

Plantation Shutters come in a range of louvre sizes to suit every home. The smaller 64 mm for example looks homely and warm in a cottage environment, while the larger 89mm gives a light, bright airy feel to a home.

You may decide on a larger louvre if you want to maximise light and make the most of a beautiful view. Our 114 mm gives an amazing modern look that is becoming more and more popular.

You may think that only a larger window can take a larger louvre size! However it is actually quite the reverse, the smaller the window the better – and larger – it looks with a heavier louvre.

A louvre shutters size to suit your style

Just Shutters’ shutters are designed specifically for you. Consequently, giving you the opportunity to discuss louvre sizes with your designer.  Your designer will show you all the options when they come to visit your home. Together you can decide on the look and feel of your louvered window shutters that matches your room and style.

You will be able to see the way a shutter looks in your window, measure the amount of light and space a certain size of louvre will give you. You will be able to discuss the pros and cons.

The Just Shutters style

Just Shutters have our own signature look and personal style. Our style includes an 89mm louvre as well as hidden tilt rod. This is a gorgeous look for most homes. We are of course not limited to this and have the largest range of choices, finishes and materials in terms of louvered window shutters the UK.

Find out more about our style of shutters here.

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