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Beautiful Homes of Reading

Reading is a great place to live – vibrant, well-connected, purposeful and multi-layered. There’s a huge range of places you can choose to live, but every home here – whether it’s a new-build apartment or a traditional detached house – is a refuge and an escape from the world outside. It needs to feel manageable, welcoming, and secure.

Our plantation shutters, all of which are custom created to fit, are the ideal way to shield your home from cold, heat, and prying eyes. No matter what kind of windows they are fitted to, they are endlessly configurable to that they can insulate your living space in the winter, keep it cool and shady in the extreme summer heat, and keep down levels of pollen, dust and noise. Plus, of course, they have a refined opulence that has a positive influence on any home. And they’re not as expensive as appearances might suggest.


Just Shutters – Architects of Plantation Shutters

Established in 2006, Just Shutters are specialists in Plantation Shutters with years of experience, knowledge and technique.  We are proud of our strong reputation for providing the highest quality materials, the best value and service and a lifetime guarantee. Our Plantation Shutters will be a beautiful addition to your home, your investment will bring you pleasure for many years to come.

In your initial home design visit, we will have a detailed discussion with you about what you’d like to achieve and spend plenty of time measuring up and accounting for any uneven aspects the building may have.
This all pays dividends when we return to install your shutters for you because we will be confident that not only are they going to work and operate like a dream, but they will also fit exceptionally snugly and neatly.

Just Shutters Reading

Your Reading Specialists

Emile & Penny van Heerden are your Just Shutters consultants in Reading. With their training and product knowledge you will be carefully guided and advised on the best Shutter solution for your home.
Emile & Penny will consult with you to determine what style of Shutters you require. You will be shown the range of styles we have available, as well as the colours and finishes we offer.

They will work closely with you, advising on the best styles for your home and interior design.  Once these important decisions have been made, your Shutters will be made to order and expertly fitted with minimum disruption and respect for your home.

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