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Shutters for hotels

Shutters for hotels – they are not just for houses!

Shutters for hotels! They aren’t just for the home!

Shutters make for fantastic features in hotels and other hospitality establishments! Not only are they stunning, giving a luxurious and contemporary feel to any room, but they are also incredibly practical!

This practicality comes as a result of various unique features that are perfectly suited to the hospitality industry. Features such as:

-Easy of cleaning: shutters can be cleaned with a simple wipe! Therefore, not only is housekeeping’s job made easier but also quicker! As a result, your housekeeping team will be more efficient.

-Durability: shutters are a great investment. This is as a result of their impressive longevity.

-Child safety: shutters are not operated by cords. Instead they are moved by hand. Therefore, there is risk to the safety of your young guests.

-Privacy: keeping prying eyes out of guests’ rooms with the use of shutters! Your guests will feel a million miles away from the outside world – in the private sanctuary of your hotel room.

-Security: keep you furnishings and guests safe by securing windows. Hotels in high footfall areas may consider using our aluminium security shutter range.

Just Shutters are experts in shutters for hotels. We have delighted many hotel owners with our shutters. For example, see the photos below from hotels in Fawley and Padstow:

Shutters in commercial property

The practicality of shutters comes in useful in many commercial premises. The durability of shutters lends itself perfectly to high footfall areas, such as receptions and busy offices! Give your commercial property a contemporary but homely feel with shutters!

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