Shutters For Schools And Care Homes

Shutters for schools, nurseries, nursing homes and day centres

Plantation Shutters are completely safe for children, making shutters for schools and nurseries the perfect partnership. We are proud of the fact that our top-quality plantation shutters are not just beautiful and practical to maintain, they are the safest choice for schools, nurseries, nursing homes and daycare centres.

Safest and most practical window covering – choosing shutters for schoolsshutters for schools

Shutters have a range of benefits in any home or establishment. These are particularly so for children, the elderly and anyone prone to trips or falls. They are perfect for environments that need to be kept clean.

Just some of the practical benefits of our beautiful Plantation Shutters:

  • No hazardous operating cords associated with injury and death.
  • Shutters provide you with complete control over privacy and can even help prevent children from tumbling out of windows that have been left open.
  • They can be wiped clean and are quick and easy to keep looking great.
  • Shutters serve to dampen external noises.
  • They allow for complete control of internal light levels.
  • Shutters sport blackout properties meaning they can completely shut out external light sources.
  • Unlike fabric and blinds made from untreated wood, shutters are not affected to the same degree by allergens, dust, dirt, mould, and mildew. This is great news for those who suffer from allergies and like to keep a clean household.

And of course, while shutters may be chosen for any of the above reasons, many individuals select shutters as they are quite simply beautiful, keeping the perfect amount of light or shade whatever time of day, making the most of every room, in any style or colour.

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