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Street is a famous village located in the picturesque Somerset Levels and Moors, and as you know if you live here it’s a very beautiful part of the world. Whether you have a tiny cottage or a sprawling manor, or even a small flat – we can produce a fantastic array of shutters to match, and guarantee to add an aura of luxury.

Contacting Toby Eliot, your local Just Shutters expert, is the beginning of the consultation that will see us craft them specifically for your home. It’s easy to see why they’re so desirable, but they also make so much practical sense: they keep out the cold, add adjustable shade on stuffy days, and they’re easy to keep clean and free of dust and allergens.


Why Just Shutters Street?

Our range of styles and our enormous experience mean we instinctively know which solutions are going to give the best results. We ensure each of our customers receives a bespoke package that is primed by your own inspiration. It all starts when we come to your home to specify them and measure up for installation, after which we know they’re going to fit exactly as if they were built into the property from the outset.


The Perfect Fit to Any Home

Our shutters are also extremely good value, especially when you consider the potential energy savings from their insulating aspects, and the fact that we provide a lifetime guarantee. They retain the heat in your rooms and yet allow you to regulate shade during hot spells – keeping you cool and shielding your upholstery fabrics from damaging sunlight. Here’s a recap on some of the great benefits:

  • Our shutters are expertly crafted to your bespoke requirements, meaning they’re the perfect fit for any shaped windows in your home.
  • They need almost no maintenance and are easy to clean.
  • You choose the colours and materials to seamlessly match your rooms.
  • They reduce noise, prevent heat loss, and help to create a cool oasis in hot weather.
  • Light and shade control is in your hand’s thanks to the way they can be adjusted to your exact needs.
  • Overall, they enhance your home’s privacy, security, and, ultimately value.
  • A lifetime guarantee is an important part of the package, and represents our own seal of excellence.
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What our customers say

‘This company has an excellent work ethics. The supply order and fitting was excellent. Clean and tidy and always on time. Communication is excellent, too’.


“Just shutters, Toby, our contact and workman, were very quick to quote us. The quote was less than others, with more choice available. The work was carried efficiently, and the room was left tidy. We are delighted with the finished result. We would happily recommend.”


“Delighted with the service from the company. Good choice of product, good quality installation. You would not have known any work had taken place, finish very neat. High quality product, exceptional customer service”.

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