Can we sponsor your van?

Back 18th January 2019
Franchise Just shutters

Just Shutters are looking to advertise on vans!

At Just Shutters, we are on the search for a new advertising opportunity. As a result of the marketing success of our own beautifully branded vans, we have decided that we would like to offer sponsorship deals for unbranded vans. This would involve printing our logo, contact details and Just Shutters branded artwork on your van – we would pay for the signage to be created and in return you would of course receive payment.

The requirements

The requirements for  this are quite simple:

-You must own your own van

-The van must be unbranded and free from any visible company information

-Travel in the van on a frequent basis

-Be happy for your van to be a Just Shutters ambassador!

-Your van must be in a condition in keeping with our brand standards


If you are interested in this opportunity, please contact our Marketing Manager, Charlotte Fantelli, via email – charlotte@

Rates on offer for the van sponsorships are available upon request via email and will be dependant upon the likely mileage and area of your van usage.

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