Wessex Plantation Shutters

A magical, historic place – a vanished kingdom kept alive in literature and the arts. The Wessex region has an air of the intangible to it, yet it takes in some of the longest-inhabited parts of England in a swathe of rolling countryside stretching from Hampshire through Dorset and Wiltshire to Somerset.


If you live there, then you will of course cherish its special character. And chances are you’ll also be sensitive to the character of your Wessex home.


Fitting plantation shutters is, like all other material changes, something to be approached with care and attention, and Just Shutters Wessex should be your natural choice for beautiful, functional solutions that only enhance a home in Wessex.

Just Shutters, indeed, was founded on the Wessex fringes several years ago as a family company dedicated to craftsmanship, high design standards, and excellent service.


Matthew MacSwiney (pictured right) is your local shutter specialist taking Just Shutters Wessex forward, he continues our founding principles across these beguiling counties.


At the heart of what we do are finely-crafted plantation shutters individually customised to match each setting. We’re extremely proud of the many independent endorsements we’ve received for them – at Checkatrade, for instance – and that means we are always confident to issue a lifetime guarantee for our work once you are completely satisfied with the way your shutters are designed and installed.


Why Choose Just Shutters in Wessex

Our handsome, traditional-style plantation shutters can transform the atmosphere and practicality of any living space, from a house of truly historical significance to a modern apartment or townhouse.

We can claim this because each Just Shutters project is co-created, with you, to precisely suit the location. Using our carefully curated choices of styles, colours, and materials you’ll know they will add a new and harmonious facet to the rooms in question. At the same time, they will work perfectly and help, for example, to boost insulation in winter and shield you from excess, stuffy heat in summer. We know you’ll love the seamless practicality, as well as the long-term value.



Just Shutters has seen steady, solid growth to become a byword for excellence in plantation shutters across many parts of the UK. We have tended to open new branches in desirable locations where we know customers share our passion for the highest levels of design and quality.

That’s also led to a very high number of recommendations by the old-fashioned expedient of word-of-mouth. Slowly, but surely, our reputation has spread, but always underpinned by our workmanship, sensitivity to customers’ needs, and a near-obsession with a job thoroughly well done.



We would love to tell you more about Just Shutters Wessex, and answer every question you have about how we can work together to transform your home with a design solution specifically for you.

Please contact us any time by calling us directly on 01305 230 321 or follow the links above.


What Our Customers Say:

Customer satisfaction is vitally important to Just Shutters Wessex. Click here to read what our clients have to say about working with us.