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Henley-on-Thames - The Beauty of Shutters

Modern wooden Plantation Shutters have increased in popularity, the elegant design and practical solution of plantation shutters have become the most popular choice of homeowners and interior designers. Homes all over the country are turning away from traditional window dressings and enhancing their windows with desirable plantation shutters. Why? The answer is simple – simple maintenance, simple lines, simple fitting, simply energy saving, and of course – simply beautiful.

Shutters are a durable alternative to curtains and blinds, providing added benefits of insulation and protecting furniture from sunlight damage whilst controlling light, air circulation, privacy and security. And…no maintenance! A quick dust with a feather duster or a damp cloth, and you’re done. No more dragging down those dusty, faded curtains, and they are hypoallergenic!

JUST SHUTTERS Henley-on-Thames

Just Shutters in Henley-on-Thames

Recently voted by The Times newspaper as one of the most beautiful places to live in England, Henley-on-Thames is garlanded by lush fields and wooded hills. It’s home to fanatical gardeners and, of course, its many festivals are headed by the world-famous Royal Regatta on the magical river.

It also has plentiful historic buildings among its stock of homes. And people are wary of making changes that could damage or alter its character. That’s why, when specifying hand-crafted plantation shutters for dwellings as diverse as small flats or stunning houses, people here often turn to Just Shutters Henley-on-Thames.

Our installation philosophy is fully sympathetic with local traditions and standards, and our shutters must, as a priority, enhance the established, tasteful look and feel of what exists.

Just Shutters Henley-on-Thames

Why Choose Just Shutters Henley-on-Thames

At the very start of our collaboration, we take the time to sit down and help analyse what you want to achieve – precisely what is your design plan for the room, and whether there are tricky angles, corners, bays or shapes that need to be taken into consideration. It’s a joint project where, in the first instance, we very much listen.

However, our expertise really comes in with our carefully constructed range of options. We can guide you through the finishes, colours, facets and mechanisms that we know, from past experience, are going to give wonderful results.

Indeed, we always put great care into drawing up these plans because when we come to install them, we can be certain the shutters will dovetail perfectly with the windows’ contours and shapes..

Just Shutters Henley-on-Thames

Emile and Penny Van Heerden – Partners in Just Shutters Henley-on-Thames

Emile and Penny feel as privileged as you do to live in this stunning part of the Thames Valley, and when you work in partnership with our branch of Just Shutters you’re in the very best of hands – both of us are dedicated to and driven by excellent interior design and fittings.

In all your dealing with Just Shutters Henley-on-Thames, it will be Penny who looks after your order, schedule and budget, while Emile is at the sharp end, supervising the installations with his experienced eye and years of carpentry experience.

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