Mounting and Framing Options for Plantation Shutters Explained:

When it comes to shutters, our expert designers will be able to give you the best options for your window, or door, but the below will give you a very good idea of the usual options for mounting and framing shutters.

Inside Mount

Shutters are installed on the inside of the recess opening as shown in diagrams A, B and C. This requires sufficient depth for slat clearance (the bigger the slat, the bigger the depth required) and clearance for handles must also be taken into account. Shutters will fold back against the inside of the recess if mounted as per A and B (although they may still protrude further than the recess, depending on recess depth and size of panels). If mounted as per option C, shutters will fold back against the walls on either side of the window.

Plain Batten – A

mounting plain batten

Moulded Frame – B

Mounting moulded

Trim Z Frame – C

Mounting trim frame

Outside Mount

Shutters are fixed onto the wall outside of the recess opening as shown in diagrams D, E and F.


Plain Batten – D

Mounting moulded

Art Deco Frame – E

Mounting art deco

L Frame – F

Mounting L frame