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Back 11th December 2023

Are you curious about the various types of window shutters available? Delve into the realm of Just Shutters and discover the perfect style for your home.

We recognise the individuality of every home, and we understand that your window treatments should reflect your unique taste. Our bespoke plantation shutters are thoughtfully designed to harmonise with any interior, whether a classic haven or a contemporary masterpiece.

Choosing shutters is an exciting journey with a myriad of options at your fingertips. Your selection should not only reflect your style preferences but also encompass styles that offer maximum versatility in terms of light control and privacy.

Rest assured, our bespoke shutters are crafted to fit virtually any window type—we pride ourselves on our ability to execute almost any shutter installation imaginable.

It’s simply a matter of choosing the style that seamlessly aligns with your interior layout.

Your perfect shutter style awaits—you can explore our wide range of shutter styles here.

Full Height Shutters – A classic look covering the entire height of the window they provide complete privacy control
Café Style Shutters – Allow ample light to enter whilst maintaining privacy on the lower section
Tracked Shutters – Perfect for large spaces – bi-folding and patio doors, and they can be used as room dividers
Shaped Shutters – The perfect fit for any window which is not a regular rectangle – arches and curves are our speciality
Tier on Tier Shutters – Offer superb flexibility with two independently operating sets of panels
Security Shutters – Combine the highest standard of security with stunning looks

Each style is a testament to craftsmanship, functionality, and aesthetic appeal. Beyond styles, we consider materials, frame types, louvre sizes, tilt rods, and mid-rails. Contact us at 0345 894 0700 to book a no-obligation home design visit.

Our design specialists invest time in understanding your tastes and desires for your property. They attentively listen to your requirements and provide informed advice to ensure the best solutions. Whether you have a cosy lounge bay window or an unconventional, uniquely shaped atrium, our experience and passion guarantee the perfect fit for you.

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